Amazing Views!!

Wednesday was the last day of the conference. It began with a great video inviting everyone to Qatar for next year’s meeting. This was followed by an extremely moving plenary session. Susan Sheridan, from the U.S., told us her story. Her son has permanent brain damage, due to undiagnosed kernicterus. Then a few years later, an error in reporting of pathology results contributed to the untimely death of her husband. Susan has become an active advocate for patient engagement in all aspects of the healthcare system. Her presentation was emotional and inspiring!

We then spent some time looking at many of the posters presented at the conference and attended sessions that focused on accreditation and healthcare assessment.

When we returned from the conference, we found Glen and Harvey relaxing on the beach. It was again a beautiful sunny day!

It was then time to hop in another cab to head for Pão Açúcar, Sugar Loaf Mountain. Inaugurated in 1912, the cable car was the first in Brazil and third in the world. Starting from the Vermelha beach, the first cable car connects Babilônia hill to the Urca hill. From there, a second cable car takes you to the top of Pão Açúcar, which is 396 meters above sea level.

From the top these hills, a breathtaking city landscape unfolds, including Botafogo bay, Copacabana beach and the entrance to Guanabara Bay. We arrived in time to see the transformation from day to night, which was amazing!!




Coming down from the mountain, we hopped in a cab that would only take us as far as Copacabana. This was fine as we walked the beach, had a bite to eat and beverages on the beach. We also did a bit of shopping at a beach market.

Another incredible day in Rio!


B&H, L&G

High 5 for Us!!

Tuesday at ISQua started with an interesting plenary session discussing healthcare quality reform initiatives in Colombia and Brazil. Next up were the ISQua Accreditation Awards where the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta was one of ~10 organizations acknowledged in the session. Liz and I were very proud to receive this validation of our laboratory standards.

During the day, we attended some very interesting presentations in the accreditation track and toured the exhibit area.

While we were at the conference, Harvey and Glen wandered around Barra, checking out cars and other sites.

We met up with the boys and headed to Ipanema Beach where we stopped at a few shops and then had a bite to eat at the Devassa Grill.

The beach at Ipanema is similar to Copacabana – wide with lots of white sand and people enjoying the sun.

We watched the sunset while enjoying caipirinhas and cervejas and then returned to Barra where we stopped in next door at Fratellis for a late night snack!


B&H, L&G